Grab a notebook and a pen, or even open a google doc on your phone… whatever feels easiest. Words are like therapy. They bring feelings into being, which allows us to consume them more intentionally. To either move on or relish. Here are five prompts I would encourage you to write about as you process birth and your embrace this transformation in the postpartum period.

  1. write out your birth story. explain it all. close your eyes and remember all the tiny details and write them down.
  2. write about your day with your new baby. what does 24 hours look like?
  3. begin with “I remember…” and write about something, anything, whether it feels big or insignificant, anything that has happened between pregnancy and today.
  4. describe your baby. what does she smell like, feel like, look like?
  5. write about how God has been near during this season. where do you meet Him most often? how can you trust Him more deeply.