I remember so vividly driving my car down the 180 freeway to a shoot about four years ago when it hit me. I knew I wanted to start offering education for other photographers in the family and motherhood photography realm, but I was so nervous that no one would want anything I had to offer. I had started my business 6 years prior, spent the first couple of years honing in on what really spoke to my heart, and through much trial and error, found where I belonged. It was somewhat uncharted territory back then. Only a few of us were photographing families on film, and motherhood photography wasn’t even a thing yet. But I knew as a mother, I longed for photographs of me with my children, because it helped ease the pain of change, and I knew I couldn’t be alone in that.

I wanted to offer education, and reprieve. Something that allowed other photographers a space to learn, find their unique voice, connect with other photographers, and be inspired. And I wanted to offer them a way to omit all of that unnecessary trial and error. I wanted to teach them not how to shoot like me, but to shoot like THEM. I wanted to feed them and nurture them and make them feel seen and validated. I wanted to truly help them create a business that felt right for them, and I wanted them to know that was more than ok. They didn’t need to create work or a business that looked like anyone else’s… just theirs. I wanted to answer all of their questions… the ones I know they had but didn’t know who to ask. I wanted to ask them questions.. the ones that I knew would open up parts of their minds and hearts that would lead them to where they were meant to be.

And so as I drove along the highway that day, longing desperately to create an experience to embody all of that, the words “Magically Mundane,” landed on my heart, and I decided to go for it. It was my everyday tasks, my “magically mundane” after all, that was my biggest inspiration. I wanted to share that with others. I wanted to remind them that their everyday is beautiful and inspiring, and that they could use that to create unique and wonderful work. They could use their stories, to tell the stories of others. And they could do it all while bringing in a substantial income and being home with their children.

The first launch was the scariest moment as I contemplated what I would do when no one actually signed up. Much to my absolute delight, I sold out within a few days! The first workshop was held in Pasadena, Ca in August of 2018, and it sparked something in me that is still burning so bright.

Now as I prepare to hold my 7th and 8th Magically Mundane workshop, I can’t help but feel so much excitement for what’s to come for all of the amazing attendees. Getting to see the incredible work and businesses that past attendees have created is such a joy! Many of them have become dear friends, and they are all doing such wonderful things in the photography world.

I also wanted to tell you that your engagement doesn’t determine your gift as an artist. That the numbers next to your name have nothing to do with your income. I want you to know that you can have a beautiful successful business photographing the glorious in-between for other mothers, while spending each day at home with your own children.

You can greatly contribute to your family’s finances, and also meaningfully connect with others, without missing a nursing session or a milestone. You can build something that makes sense for your family without having to worry about what makes sense for someone else’s.

You can create timeless, truth filled images that bring mothers to gasps of adoration as hands meet mouths with tear filled eyes. And you can do it all while wearing a baby on your back and keeping time for nothing but dreaming and chatting with little voices each day.

You can do this.

You don’t have to choose one or the other. This was another huge reason I wanted to created this experience for photographers. I wanted them to know that they not only have the ability, the talent, the gift for this, but that they could do it all while caring for their families and putting them first. I have attendees who have been in the industry for 15 years, and I have attendees who are brand new and just buying their first camera. I have witnessed first hand the encouragement and comradery between the two. I have watched past attendees step into successful, lucrative businesses, all while caring or their own families so well. This is an experience like nothing else. It is life changing, life long friendship making, and life enhancing to say the least. This experience will help you create a meaningful, successful business that makes sense for your life.

If you’re ready to learn practical steps for creating a successful photography business (no matter what stage you’re in), and to create meaningful honest images, then join me for the 2022 Magically Mundane – photographing the seasons of motherhood – in person workshops. Only a few seats remain (ONE in Cape Cod and TWO in Isle of Palms!!) and registration will CLOSE SOON! So do not wait! I also don’t know when/if there will be another experience like this one, so if you are feeling the tug to make this a pivotal part of your 2022, book your spot now! I’m also happy to work with you on a payment plan if that is helpful as well, just send me an email. I would love to have you there. I would love to help you create work and a business that not only offers financial freedom, but also allows you to fulfill something so special that I know you have in your heart… a place for mothers. To see them and reflect all their beauty and strength, just like your own.

images taken my past workshop attendees Emma Harms and Elise Scmitter.

Join the Cape Code workshop June 3-4th 2022 | Join the Isle of Palms, SC workshop April 29-30th 2022

Here’s what past attendees are saying...

“The workshop came at a time when I was wrestling with how to balance jumping back into my business while also continuing to serve my family well. Alex does both of these so incredibly well and makes it look effortless in the process. After learning her heart behind capturing families and motherhood, I was encouraged to photograph what I find beautiful rather than what I hoped would look beautiful in an Instagram grid. So Alex, thank you for helping me find my passion again for creating beautiful images!”

“The Magically Mundane Workshop is perfectly named because there is always a little magic present when learning from Alex. Her soulful approach to photography is beyond inspiring!”

“Over these last few years, the goodness and beauty Alex has shared online and with others has paralleled with my own journey into rest, simplicity, and a deeper sense of beauty in life. How Alex views the world is through the lens of love and wonder, especially for the most overlooked parts of motherhood. She gives voice and image to the moments that are so easily passed by. Alex’s Magically Mundane worksop is an extension and beautiful authentic representation of who Alex is and what she brings to life around her and out of others. Every discussion, every topic, every shoot, every detail of the worksop was created and cultivated with intention.There are not many people in this world that make you feel at home within your own art and skill set, but Alex does in so many ways. This workshop gave me the permission and freedom to capture and offer the type of photography that moves my heart and brings life back to my work.I am forever grateful.”

“ Just got back from your Magically Mundane workshop with a grateful heart! It was not only a photography workshop, but a safe space where we were allowed to let go of our doubts and fears! Alex’s concepts of motherhood photography is so unique, and her calm and easy going approach of life and motherhood is evident in her work. That same serene and peaceful approach is felt throughout the entire workshop! This workshop was a game changer for my life business! It gave me the permission to be me, to run my business the way I want to run it, to let go of perfectionism, to just sit back, observe, be story teller, and to capture my future clients as they are.Coming from a market where photography is go go go, this workshop opened my eyes to another side of photography I didn’t know existed. It gave me all the reassurance I needed! This workshop taught me that it’s okay to slow down, and that quality is better than quantity. Alex’s photographs have a special and effortless feel to them, and she made sure she shared all of her techniques and secrets to achieving emotion filled photographs. Alex made sure we were heard, felt, and seen! She was transparent, an open book, leaving no detail unnoticed! From the bottom of my heart, I just want to say thank you, and express my deepest gratitude to you! I will forever hold you and your workshop in my heart! Being a photographer for over a decade, you lit the fire back into my soul, and I can’t wait to apply everything I learned into my business, and LIFE!”

“The Magically Mundane workshop was such an absolute breath of fresh air! Alex’s demeanor is so calming and gentle–yet confident and stoic. For someone like me who comes into family sessions feeling like I need to be exuding an overly excited energy, Alex really taught me to slow down and open my eyes to what really is unfolding before me. And that’s when the MAGIC really happens. When we slow down, see, connect, and feel what is right in front of us, that’s when we can make any mundane moment truly magical.” -E.H.

“I knew I was in for a treat when I decided to book one of Alex’s workshop spots in Charleston and boy did it live up to every expectation! From heartfelt conversations to making a new friend in her {and with the other attendees} and to just being an open book, Alex made me {and everyone} feel at ease and created a safe/easy space for learning, questions, and content! Not to mention that of course the styled sessions were planned perfectly with gorgeous families. Highly recommend to anyone that is on the fence or looking to book — you won’t be disappointed!”

“From the very first time I stumbled upon Alex’s feed, her gentle spirit and love for all things motherhood resonated deeply with my own mama heart. The Magically Mundane workshop she led in Charleston absolutely filled my cup and fed my creative spirit. I left feeling inspired to allow more of myself and my own motherhood to reflect into the moments I capture for clients. Even more so, however, it challenged me in my own motherhood journey – to be more present, more intentional, more aware.”

“Alex was everything I thought she would be and more! Not only do I admire her photography work, but enjoy following along in her motherhood journey as well. She was so transparent and helpful about her business and provided so many insightful tips and tools for film users as well as digital. The two sessions she planned for us were beautiful and I enjoyed getting to see her work in action as well as the many other talented photographers there. I absolutely would recommend this workshop to anyone! I came home feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to take my business to the next level.”

“The workshop was so inspiring and challenged us to really look at who we are and why we create. I loved watching Alex work and getting to work alongside her! It was a wonderful creative reset and a really special experience.”

“Taking a workshop with Alex is so inspirational! Aside from Alex being the kindest, most thoughtful person you’ll ever meet, I came away from the Magically Mundane Workshop inspired, more creative, and a better photographer. She pushed me to think outside of the box in my photography and also affirmed my desire to prioritize my family. I would 100% take another workshop from Alex in the future and absolutely love learning from her!”

“The Magically Mundane workshop was a memorable experience. Alex exudes graciousness and warmness and is so open and willing to share all of her knowledge, as well as her heart. I left feeling like not only had I gained a mentor and friend in Alex but in an entire community of women who also attended. It was truly a worthwhile experience.”

“I’ve followed Alex for a while and knew her workshop was the perfect opportunity when my creative heart needed a refresh. She is an excellent teacher with a genuine interest in who she mentors. After her workshop I am more confident in running my business in a way that’s right for me. I have more family time, raised my prices and am booked MONTHS in advance. If you have doubts, put them aside, you won’t regret learning from this inspiring mama!”

“The Magically Mundane Workshop was a fulfilling experience. Alex gave me the knowledge and confidence to slow down the digital world of photography and to inspire my work with purity of intentions. To build deep connections within myself and to whom I will capture.” – T.S.

“Alex has so beautifully thought out each moment of the Magically Mundane Workshop, it’s truly unlike any other experience in the motherhood photography field. She’s every bit as wonderful in person as you’d expect and speaks from her heart in the most encouraging and beautiful way. I left this workshop with more confidence in my film work, practical advice for documenting a family’s story, and even more importantly – perspective on running my business as a mother. Her unique and heartfelt process, both with the workshop and with clients, is seen so clearly in the work she shares and in the images her attendees create. Thank you Alex, for the most wonderful experience!”


“Alex’s Magically Mundane workshop is so perfectly named because it is everything she embodies in herself, her work, and her family. Everything Alex does is from the heart and with intention—she teaches that there is beauty when we slow down and in all of those mundane moments of slowness, memories are made. Her calm, but confident presence makes everyone feel at ease and l am forever grateful that she shared her heart and mind with me. I now feel freedom to capture my own version of magic in all of the mundane moments.”


Book your seat for Isle of Palms April 29-30th 2022 | Book your seat for Cape Cod June 3-4th 2022