We’ve been making this recipe for a couple of years now, and it’s the slightly crunchy exterior, paired with the light and fluffy interior, sweet but not too sweet, that really makes it the perfect banana bread!

It’s September! Which means we can all pretend like it’s fall, whilst simultaneously sweating in our prematurely unpacked knits. At least we can eat like it’s fall, right? This is the perfect recipe for an afternoon spent dreaming of fall, a cup of tea in hand, and the AC turned down. We typically use our sourdough starter for all of our bread baking needs. This just means we are not using yeast, but instead, using a naturally fermented starter made from flour and water, as our leavening agent (the thing that makes your bread rise). You can learn to make your own starter to have on hand for all of your bread baking needs in THIS post. So typically I feed my starter within 24 hours of making this bread. You don’t necessarily need to have it active, but I prefer it for really light fluffy delicious banana bread!

After feeding your starter, you will use it in this recipe, along with some sodium bicarb ( I just like to say it like that because it makes me feel like I’m on the Great British Baking Show), to help your bread rise. I usually double this recipe, making 2 loaf pans of bread, one to eat right out of the oven with tea or coffee, and one gets wrapped in plastic wrap and into a ziplock bag for freezing.