I think the Holiday’s can be overlooked as a time to empty our pockets just to have more presents under the tree. But I realized a handful of years ago, as my children tore open packages from extended family members, not stopping to express gratitude, or to examine the contents, that this was not the way I wished to spend this blessed season. The cultivation of gratitude for myself, and in my children is something of the utmost importance to us, and this kind of frantic, more more more attitude just didn’t fit within our family culture.

So we made some changes. Our children get a few carefully selected, intentionally purchased or handmade gifts, and I ask extended family members to gift the kids with an experience rather than stuff. Bake cookies together, teach them a skill, offer something that will not only create a cherished memory, but will also teach them something valuable that they will also remember as something they learned from that person.

I’m also a big believer in either making gifts myself, or purchasing whatever I can from small shops, whether they are ethically sourced, handmade, or “found” items that have been preloved. Baking for family members is something I love to offer as gifts, canning jams, offering dried herbs, homemade salves, essential oil rollers, the possibilities are endless! Kids can also get involved and make beeswax candles, or salt dough ornaments! You can find more handmade gift ideas to make with your kids HERE.
So let’s talk about purchasing gifts! I love shopping small and local if possible… in fact, our town is having a vintage flea market this weekend and I’m hoping to find many gifts there! But I also love shopping on etsy, and other handmade small shops. To keep things from getting overwhelming, I’ve just included a handful of items for moms, dads, babies/toddlers, and older kids! I hope it’s helpful!
  • .01 Milkmade Keepsakes breast milk ring – I’ve wanted a breast milk ring for nearly 8 years now, and am finally getting one of these beauties!!! Any mama who loved breastfeeding would love this precious gift. Her breastmilk goes into making the stone! Isn’t that neat?
  • .02 Linen Apron – I have one of these as well and am a big fan
  • .03 Thumble handmade painting – mama made, these are gorgeous additions to any home and would be loved by mamas!
  • .04 porcelain measuring cups – I think vintage inspired kitchen wares (or actual vintage!) are so magical!
  • .05 ItsGldn – I have this gold disc necklace with “mama” engraved on it and it’s so special to me
  • .06 I’m adding one more thing for the photographer mamas : ) I’ll be releasing my in person workshop registration next month and will have gift certificates available! I will also be offering a discount on the virtual mastermind for those who sign up for the in person workshop! Stay tuned!