I loved reading everyone’s guesses and many of you were correct… we are moving to South Carolina!!! We will be upstate, where we bought 12 acres of rolling hills with a house, barn, and a stream 😭, running through the property! It’s a dream. One that I can’t wait to share with you all… like literally, because we will also be planting orchards, of course there will be all the animals, AND we are building a little stone cottage by the creek to Airbnb! So you’ll be able to come visit the farm, relax, I’ll take your pictures, and I’ll cook some farm to table meals for you! We have some projects for my husband to tackle on the property, as well as a few little renovations to do to our cute farmhouse (you may have noticed the tiniest sneak peek in my reel on instagram today!), so I’ll be taking you along on those as well!! I will also be sharing as we design and build the most special and magical “Orchard Creek Cottage” airbnb (if you follow along in my stories you just may be seeing a few inspirations lately: ) ). It all just feels completely surreal to be honest… I can’t even believe we are doing this!! But God put it on our hearts, and He made a way as only He can!

I know I have so much yet to process about leaving my home that I love, and the state I have only ever lived, but I am grateful for the continual opportunity to lean into trusting what God has planned. Sometimes we get our own Matthew moment when the Lord says “follow me,” and we have the opportunity to get up and just go in faith, making a new adventure of this one beautiful life we have been given.

I have so many things to share with you about how we reached this decision, and all we have planned, and I will be doing that in the coming weeks, but for now I truly just wanted to say thank you, from my whole entire heart for your love and encouragement always… I cannot even begin to tell you how sweet and comforting every word of excitement has been! This community has been something I feel is just so special and set apart… one that I do not ever take for granted. I really just love you all so much!!