Black Friday gives me a bit of mild anxiety. So many things, so much noise, so many “must haves,” that I know I really don’t need. I was hesitant to create this post because I never want you to feel like you have to consume, or like one person’s “must haves” are really very necessary at all. Because if anything, I’ve been working over the past couple of years to really weed out unnecessary purchases, and only consume things that 1. I can afford, 2. Will be useful to me for the unforeseeable future 3. Are good quality and timeless. So I wanted to offer you just my top 5 items that fit the bill, that I have, use, and love. My favorite pair of jeans, my favorite sheets, the hair tool I only just got a few weeks ago but am loving, the dress I wear constantly (as seen in 2/4 of my last instagram posts ha!), and the serum that has literally changed my skin.

So as I began to think about my top 5 items I would recommend to a girlfriend to purchase on sale for Black Friday, I came up with these…

1. Bondi Boost wave tool | 30% off using code BF30 I only just purchased this a few weeks ago but have been loving it so much. Not only is it very affordable to begin with, but it only takes me a few minutes to wave my entire head of hair, and the waves last for DAYS!! Adds so much natural texture and beachy waves.

2.  Levi’s premium 501’s | 40% off and free shipping : I have tried a lot of jeans in my day… these take the cake. They have that vintage feel, button fly, high waist, perfect length for me, they get nice and worn in quickly, and I love the distressing on this particular pair. They are the pair that I kind of think I need an extra one of should anything ever happen to the first. They are just a really solid, flattering pair of jeans. Tip: size up one size – I do this with all my Levi’s that don’t have any stretch.  *added note… I wrote this portion of this post last night and woke up this morning realizing that I had dreamt someone stole these jeans out of my car and in my dream I wept at the discovery lol. If that’s any indication of how much I enjoy this pair of denim… there you have it.

3.  Cozy Earth Bamboo sheets | 30% off: you may have already heard me rave about these… the only sheets I will ever buy for my bed! The softest, most luxurious bamboo sheets…worth every penny and 10 million more.

4. Nothing fits but dress | all 20% off with code THANKFUL: these are not just for maternity…I have a few nothing fits but dresses and I love them SO dang much. Great quality, beautiful fit, very affordable, and just pretty and feminine. This particular one has been a great versatile option, but you really cannot go wrong with any of them.

5. Skincuetical CE Ferulic | 20% off and that doesn’t happen often: I have a girlfriend who is an aesthetician and she once recommend this to me. I texted her after I opened it up and applied it for the first time bc I thought it had gone bad… it smelled just like bacon! She was cracking up and said that half her clients think that and the other half don’t notice at all! Let’s just say, when I saw the huge difference it was making in my skin, the smell didn’t bother me anymore. It’s definitely an investment, but you only need a tiny bit once a day so it lasts a few months, and makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of my skin.