In the midst of all the baby items being undoubtedly thrown your way, I wanted to share with you a very minimal list of my most used items my first month postpartum, as a postpartum doula and mama of five.

Nightgowns (for both her and I!) top the list, with both this beautiful pointelle nightgown, and this gingham one as well. Both are extremely nursing friendly, skin to skin friendly, look cute for around the house, and can be worn from pregnancy to nursing to beyond! I wear one of these two nightgowns every single night and I love them!

A Solly baby wrap has been at the top of my list since my second was born 10 years ago! It always transports my newborn, and myself, right back to when they were cozy in the womb, except now I get to kiss their sweet little face. It allows me to do all the things I need two hands to do, while keeping my tiny baby snuggled close.

A good nursing bra and some nice snug high waisted panties are a must have postpartum, and these ones from Bodily fit the bill for me. I love this nursing bra and how easy it is to just unclasp or pull down to nurse, and the underwear feel great on my postpartum tummy.

Lastly, for baby, she’s either been in just her diaper (we use Coterie) and in my nightgown skin to skin, or in a little gown or onsie and wrapped in a Willaby blanket.

Coming soon… I’ll share what I eat in a day as a breastfeeding, homeschooling mother of 5

some of my favorite postpartum wardrobe items (and carriers that go with them!)

how I’m staying healthy and healing and making sure I don’t get depleted

and one thing I’m so glad I’ve done after having all of my children!

I hope these little blog posts serve you well… I wish I could write out all my thoughts (which would be more like a novel!), but with our homeschool days and a 5 week old, I take moments where I can get them, which end up being these little bite sized blog posts, so I hope the feel even easier to consume and therefore more helpful than ever! Thank you for being here!