So the thing is, I never really set out to be minimal in my approach to baby gear. But then we had four kids in a tiny three bedroom double wide mobile home, and well, space got a little tight. I have also realized that having too much “stuff” gives me anxiety…like the visual clutter kind of stresses me out. So out of both physical and mental necessity, I’ve learned to not just make do, but thrive, with less… including baby items.

For me, baby items need to serve an important purpose, look beautiful because they will most likely be left out given we have very little storage, and preferably eco-friendly, and free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients. So here are the baby items that have worked the best for us!

.01 Willably washcloth | .02 natemia baby organic towel | .03 Puj foldable bath tub

.01 Snuggleme organic lounger (note- the lounger is for laying baby in when he/she is awake) | .02 Design Dua moses basket | .03 Love to Dream swaddle sack

.01 Willably blanket | .02 Solly baby wrap | .03 Mushie swaddle blankets

.01 Coterie diapers and wipes | .02 ryan and rose paci clip | dearest grey paci (bibs paci’s are great too!)

.01 Bio Baia infant probiotics + vit d | .02 Pipette baby wash and lotion | .03 earth mama diaper balm

.01 Charlie Crane Paris Levo rocker (honestly, I don’t know if this is a must have… but we have it and use it, but I don’t necessarily need it) | .02 Emmy + Finn play gym (another thing I don’t really need but it’s pretty and Marigold loved it, Tait not so much) | .03 crate and barrel kids activity chair (Marigold loved it, Tait is still a bit young for it so we will see!)

.01 Miracle milkookies – when you’re starving all the time but rarely have two free hands, it’s great to have these to snack on, especially knowing they will increase milk supply! | .02 Bimby & Roy nursing bra (doubles as a bikini top!) | .03 Francis and Henry nursing dress…. the best thing ever.