You know when you look towards the sun during golden hour and it’s warm and soft and it’s so beautiful that you can’t really describe it using words because it’s just not meant for that?  That’s how it feels for me when I get to photograph your family. Something so incredible is in front of me and instead of trying to describe it, I take pictures of it, because to me, that’s the only way I can even begin to describe the magic of family. Different kinds of special all bound together, emitting a kind of light reserved just for showing up as you are.

If these are the kind of family photos that speak to your heart, send me an email… I’d really love to create something beautiful with you, for you, and for me, in only the way we can create together.

All images taken of the beautiful Judd family at my recent motherhood photography workshop, The Magically Mundane. All 2019 workshops are sold out… but I have something special for those of you who missed it this year but would love to learn more. Make sure you are on my email list to be the first in the know!