The postpartum time period is the highest drop in hormones a woman will experience. The placenta takes over hormones production during pregnancy, and then we deliver that placenta, and it takes our bodies a while to get our hormone production back on track. This combined with lack of sleep, healing bodies and adjustments, and this is why women so often experience baby blues in the weeks following birth.

This postpartum experience, 12 days after the birth of my 5th baby, has been my best yet; emotionally and physically. And I know that is not a coincidence. I’ve learned how to care for my body in new ways both during pregnancy and postpartum that have been so helpful to me, and I want to share with you what I’ve done… just remember, you are not alone, and asking for help if you are struggling emotionally is absolutely okay.

Here is what I’m doing this time around postpartum to support my physical and emotional healing…

🕊nourishing meals and snacks with lots of quality protein, pastured bone broths, and collagen. I start my day with a protein smoothie that consists of frozen fruit, raw milk, greek yogurt, and either ritual pre/postnatal protein powder or HRD//KLL food for life portion powder

🕊Wish Garden rebalance postpartum tincture

🕊Mamoosh hormone balancing tincture

🕊this is a controversial one, but I encapsulated my placenta. It works for some and not others, but for me, it does bridge the gap between that hormone drop. If you do this, just be sure to pay close attention to how it’s making your feel because it can have the opposite effect as well.

🕊focus on gut health- I take armra colostrum powder everyday, as well as organifi green powder, and ritual pre/probiotics

🕊biocean marine plasma

🕊supplements: forever healthy thyro+, pure encapsulations b complex, vitamin C, zinc, organifi liver cleanse, selenium, folate, and chlorophyll

🕊 I also keep a Google doc on my phone where I journal each day. I write what we did, how I’m feeling, my worries or anything I’m feeling down about and then I combat that with truth, scripture, things I know to be true instead of lies I’m telling myself.

Lots of grace for yourself too. Let your body and your heart heal from such a grand experience.. the most transformative experience many of us will every encounter.