Every year when I pull out our bin of Christmas decor, one of the parts the children are most excited about is the stack of Christmas books that have been stored away, eager to be flipped through under covers once more. I keep these books in a little basket by the couch, and they get looked through and read each day throughout the month of December. There’s something extra cozy about curling up with a holiday themed book, it makes the hot coco all the sweeter, and the simple memories kept in our hearts, shine all the brighter.

I wanted to share a handful of my favorite holiday books, both for mamas, and for children, that we get excited to pull out year after year, as well as a few new ones I got for myself this December to peruse in the quiet hours of the morning before my household rises, or in the late afternoon before heading to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Here are the books we have for the children…

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I know there can be a lot of debate over whether or not those who believe Christmas is about the birth of the Savior should then also bring Santa into the mix. Although I am a firm believer that yes, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, and our children know that first and foremost, I also don’t mind a bit of whimsy. I think God wants us to experience the joy and wonder of this season as the anticipation of his Son, but I also think He wants us to be joy filled as well. I think often these days, we as believers can sometimes get so hung up on what being righteous truly means, that we can forget about the joy and peace found in being filled with the love and light of God. So it’s my personal belief that adding fun, whimsy, and wonder to this season, is part of bringing the light of the Lord into our home and to others!

I also haven’t forgot about us mamas! I think that returning to ways of old, flipping through paper pages, drinking a hot drink, playing board games with the family, and using our hands to create something special, are all ways we as tired and often emotionally drained mothers, can begin to recollect our offered energy. We can recharge our weary hearts and minds by quieting them in the presence of something good, honorable, and calming. So I have also compiled a list of books that not only offer the time honored joy of flipping through pages and reading the written word, but that also offer something of substance and peace to our noise filled minds.

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And to offer a little thank you for being here, I’m GIVING AWAY a copy of The Little Book of Cottagecore, as well as THIS stone honey pot in the first image of this post! To enter, all you have to do is comment below with your favorite cozy holiday book for either children or mothers! Winner will be randomly chosen from the comments below and announced here on Saturday! Good luck and THANK YOU for being here!!!