I couldn’t figure out what to write for this session. It was like there were too many directions I could go. The light vs dark angle, the in-home angle, but ultimately I opted for the honest angle… I somehow always do. I was praying on my way to this shoot, something I tend to do, for peace and creativity, and for my camera to not break, you know, the essential stuff. And on the way home, a whole new answer to a prayer I had been asking for months came into my head and heart with an obvious clarity. And that my friends, was how the Magically Mundane workshop was born. So thank you Pugh family for not only being wonderful with your charming home and beautiful energy, but also for being the vehicle that led me to the answer I was most definitely not expecting, completely afraid of, and moved to tears by… all the ways I know it’s just what I’m meant to be doing.