At the beginning of May, my husband, three little ones and I traveled to British Columbia to our happy place, Whistler.  It was our third time visiting Whistler since 2016, and each time we fall in love with it more and more. The weather could not have been more beautiful, creating the perfect opportunity for hikes, exploring, adventuring, and just spending time together outdoors.


It was our second time with Pan Pacific Whistler, and I can’t tell you how much we love this property!  We’ve stayed at both their Village Centre, and their Mountainside property (both within a short walk from each other), and it truly adds so much to our experience. Their suite rooms have two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen, and when traveling for a long period of time with three small children, this is a MUST. Not only that, but the rooms are gorgeous and light filled and the staff is amazing, and both properties in Whistler are a very short walk (like just out the door) from shops, restaurants, and the gondola if skiing or mountain biking is your thing! They even helped set us up on a suspension bridge tour through the tops of the old growth temperate rainforest right outside our door, through a company called zip trek and it was such an amazing experience.  Each time we stay with Pan Pacific Whistler, our expectations are exceeded and I cannot recommend them enough!

One of our favorite hikes we’ve done a few times now is up to Nairn Falls. It’s so beautiful, and amazing to see the kids bloom outdoors. Basically our trips here consist of exploring the beautiful outdoors in Whistler. We have hiked to so many beautiful spots, and to leave the camera behind, take a deep breath of appreciation and wonder, that is what I find so special about these experiences. I also recommend the sea to sky gondola in Squamish about an hour from Whistler. It’s an awe-inspiring ride straight up the side of a mountain, and once you’re at the top, there are hikes and also a restaurant to enjoy the breath taking views.

We also took the ferry and stayed in Victoria on Vancouver Island for a night. I was not so secretly wishing to see some orcas on the ride to the island, maybe next time. And to be honest… I’m just thankful I didn’t get sea sick: )  Funny story, if you plan to take the ferry, I highly suggest making a reservation first…we did not. We tend to kind of have a come what may attitude, and well, “what may,” came. It’s incredible how many vehicles they can fit on these ginormous barges, and as the cars in front of us filed on board for a good ten minutes, we were the car to be stopped to wait for the next ferry…. two hours later… and did I mention you can’t leave? Needless to say we became very well acquainted with that little port there in Nanaimo: ).

We also visited Butchart Gardens in Victoria, which was truly incredible!!  I highly recommend it, and you can’t go wrong with a visit to my favorite restaurants in Whistler; Gone Eatery (get the vegan pad thai!), Bar Oso is a fun stop… even with kids!, Lift for coffee and light breakfast and lunch fare, and Earl’s kitchen for dinner.

Our trips up to Whistler are always filled to the brim with so many adventures together… memories that we will all cherish for a lifetime.