September always feels like a farewell. Certainly not because the air becomes chilly, or the leaves fall, not just yet anyways. But more like I’m being pulled into a new season by the urging of others all around. Wishing for those autumnal sweater clad days, waking to cozy induced rainy mornings, all things I love yes, but like anything, in due time. I don’t long for change as easily as I used to . What was once a hurried yearning for new beginnings dressed as old familiarity, has become more of a settled appreciation of the present. For all of the components we have lazily become accustomed to within each season, I wish to spend a bit more time getting to know them. And so for now summer, we will stay old friends, hand in hand, and only when we are forced apart by chilly winds and colorful foliage, will I let go of the companionship you have provided me…for a time at least.

The lovely Lauren Jolly Thomas + her sweet family.