As a homeschooling mama of five, creative business owner, content creator, photographer, and writer, I have to manage my time wisely in order to accomplish all that needs to be done each day. And to be honest, the bulk of that 24 hour period is spent tending to the children, our garden, the animals on our farm, and the needs of my family by way of cooking and baking (a lot!). I make all our food from scratch, which is a time consuming task in an of itself, but always so worth it, especially because of the sweet moments of connection I get with my children. So I wanted to share some tips for managing time wisely, so that you too, as a mother who also desires to contribute to her family’s finances while being home with her little ones, can achieve both! And I preface this by saying, these are always my goals, and some days aren’t as productive, especially now as I soak in this postpartum period with my new baby, so always just take into account the season you are in, and do the best you can in that space. I also want to note that anything I am able to accomplish is because of God’s ability and hand in my life… not my own. I just try my best to follow His lead each day!

All images in this post are from a family session I did this past fall in Charleston, SC.
  1. Create a rhythm for your day. Not so much a schedule but a rhythm for what you do when. For example: in the morning I take my supplements, go for a short run around the house, read the bible and a devotional, make sure the children have breakfast. Then once the baby is awake I get her ready, get myself ready, nurse her, then begin school with the children. After school we eat lunch, then it’s quiet time for all (older children read or practice instruments or recitations, younger children play quietly or look at books or sometimes watch a little show like little bear). Then we all head outside to play. I might stay inside for a short while and get dinner prepped and started, then I will head outside and tend to the garden. We eat dinner together with my husband home from work, then back outside for more play until bedtime. This isn’t so much a schedule because there aren’t specific times each thing is done. and we keep it all fairly fluid, but it’s nice to have a rhythm that let’s everyone know what to expect.

2. Meal plan on Saturday morning for the week ahead. Order your groceries and you’re set!

some of our weekly go to dinners: tacos, spaghetti, vegetable soup with bone broth, chili and cornbread, salmon bowls, stroganoff, chicken enchiladas, beef nachos, chicken fried rice, roast with mashed potatoes, and homemade pizza

3. Focus on one specific task each day. This will help you not to feel overwhelmed by having to do all the things at one time. Not taking on too much “work” also helps because for me personally, I know what I have handle within my week and what becomes too much and begins to encroach on my time caring for my family,

Monday: laundry

Tuesday: creating content

Wednesday: editing

Thursday: batch baking breakfasts for the week ahead

Friday: house clean

Saturday: meal plan

Sunday: rest, plan posts for the week

4. Carve out time in your rhythm each day for play and contemplation. This can be anytime that works for you, but as a mother, creative, and homemaker, it really is vital that we have space to dream and pray for direction, and allow the inspiration of the beauty all around us to sink into my minds and hearts. Our photographs and words, and families will all benefit from it!

5. Create something just for you – writing, photography, video. Let the quiet times in your day offer moments of reflection. Sometimes we can best process beauty, hardships, decisions, in our lives through writing, creating, and sharing with others. This is much of how I go about creating both in my photography business and in content creation.

If you desire a deeper dive into either starting, or pivoting a photography or content creation business (or both!), you want to learn to diversify this type of business to earn money for your family while also staying home and pouring into your little ones each day, then I would love for you to apply for my once a year mentorship opportunity I call, The Mother’s Way! Applications open Monday, April 15th!