Virtual Mastermind

March 8th-April 12th 2022 

The virtual mastermind experience will help you to create a meaningful, sustainable, profitable photography business.  One that meets your idea of success, while leaning into the art of preserving nostalgia for other mothers.  The truth is, being present within my own motherhood is where I draw most of my inspiration. Being intentional about how I spend my time is of the utmost importance because not only am I living the days I know I will long for once passed, but I know that other mothers feels this too. So by living presently, I can remember these precious days, and therefore nostalgia is a companion I often hold close. 
I also feel so grateful for the business I have been able to grow and diversify over the years. The financial aspect has been a great blessing, and I have learned many things about how to bring in income streams while not taking my attention away from my family. 
The Mastermind is a virtual experience, and includes guidance thorugh 1:1 attention, weekly live presentations, Q+A, PDF’s with worksheets and homework assignments, as well as peer collaboration. I will be sharing all that I’ve learned about growing and running a successful six figure business, diversifying income and creating passive income streams, all while being home with my children each day. 
Weekly presentation topics include:
Week 1: Cultivating a meaningful, sustainable, and profitable family photography business
Week 2: Email marketing and utilizing social media
Week 3: Diversifying and passive income
Week 4: (Guest speaker) 5 tips you can do right now to optimize your website SEO
Week 5: What to charge and how to streamline your workload
Week 6: How to organize your life to accommodate your business (and not the other way around!)


The details

6 weeks in length 

Weekly live presentations on 6 different topics with Q + A (all will be recorded and available to you if you cannot make the lives)

Access to my sacred maybe online course

One 1:1 call with me for website / social media / portfolio review

Homework “challenges”

Access to all presentations and course content forever