This workshop was made for you

Motherhood is fleeting, yet also our greatest joy. Preserving the magic in the mundane tasks of our daily motherhood in photographic form, is the most comforting step we can take in remembering these precious seasons that pass all too quickly. Mothers need photographs, and I’m here to not just show you how I create, but to teach you the ways to tap into your unique perspectives and experiences, that will allow you to make photographs that feel honest and emotive, and honor your clients’ stories. Taking your art and your business to the next level of fulfillment and prosperity.

During this intimate photography workshop for both film and digital shooter, we will discuss all the facets of family photography with a strong emphasis on motherhood imagery. I would love to have you join me.


Who is the workshop for?

Anyone who has a heart for motherhood + family photography. Our portfolio shoots and education will cover both. All skill levels are welcome; whether you just bought your first camera, or have an established 10 year business, we have attendees across the board and all benefit greatly from this one of a kind experience. Both film and digital shooters are welcome as well!  We will cover topics that apply to both, and the beautifully styled portfolio shoots will help you attract your ideal client.

Are accommodations included?

Accommodations are not included in the cost of the workshop, but all education, portfolio shoots, all catered meals, snacks, the workshop booklet, headshots, 1:1 call, and a few other surprises are all included. I will also put all attendees in touch and also send housing suggestions nearby the workshop house so that those who desire to stay together can go that route… there are even a couple of cottages on the property available to rent!

How many attendees will you take?

The workshop will have a max of 10 attendees. I like to keep things intimate because it allows me to offer the most individualized attention, more room for portfolio shoots so that everyone gets a plethora of beautiful images, and it fosters a deeper connection between attendees. This is a life elevating experience and my desire is that every single attendee feels that. 

How is this workshop different than others?

I’m here to offer you my 10+ years of experience as a family/motherhood photographer. I have learned a great deal through the years about how to create honest, emotive, timeless imagery for families and mothers. I have also learned how to create a lucrative business and attract my ideal client, and I have done it all while homeschooling my four children, gardening, writing, living intentionally, and enjoying my life to the fullest. I am no stranger to heavy emotions, scary changes, and discomfort, but I’m here to share my heart about how all of those experiences have made me a better photographer and business owner, and how yours can help you to do the same. This workshop connects a group of people in a life long and beautiful way. This is my fifth year holding multiple workshops each year around the country, and I have learned a few things about how to be sure all attendees get the most out of their experience.

You will not regret your decision to attend the Magically Mundane in 2023. In fact, this will be the decision that brings more success, peace, and joy into your photography business and life! 


The feely stuff

How to find your unique style and voice in a saturated market, and why originality is key

How to use your own truth, journey, and humanity to foster emotions and organic connections during a shoot

How to create meaningful art for yourself and your client

How to photograph motherhood for others without taking away from your own family

Combating creative ruts

How to shoot double exposure


The practical stuff

Shooting film + utilizing light for both film and digital shooters: the basics (how to, film labs, film stocks)

How to “build” honest and emotive poses

streamlining your process: from marketing, to post processing, to gallery delivery and everything in between

The session flow: posing to drive the shoot and also create a level of comfort that will allow real emotions to surface

How to shift your mindest to see more creatively 

Post processing for both film and digital photographs


The friendly stuff

The workshop will be held in a beautiful historic home in Woodstock, Vermont at the peek of fall foliage.

All meals will be included (afternoon tapas, welcome dinner, and all meals the following full day).

We will be spending time getting to know one another Monday afternoon, and then we will dive into the workshop experience!

I will also be taking each attendee aside for a few minutes to take some new branding shots for them!


The portfolio building stuff

Three portfolio building guided sessions. Family + motherhood shoots both included. Both indoor and outdoor!

The emphasis will be on motherhood imagery for both shoots, however the full family may also be included

A 1:1 phone call will take place prior the workshop, and individual feedback will be given. This is a time to discuss anything you’d like within a 1:1 setting.


The business stuff

How to attract your ideal client

How to photograph yourself with your own little ones to bring your own life into your work

What to charge | How to utilize social media + grow

How to grow and use your email list, and work smarter, not harder.

How to streamline your process to give yourself and instant raise!


The logistical stuff

October 2-3, 2023 | Woodstock, Vermont

The workshop will begin about 2pm on Monday, October 2nd, and will end around 9pm Tuesday, October 3rd.

What past workshop attendees are saying…

“I attended the South Carolina workshop in April of 2021. I loved witnessing Alex teach the art of photography from her soul, interact perfectly and sweetly with her clients, and love on her precious family -all simultaneously. She hosted and served us in all the ways a person could, and with the most joyful heart and spirit.

My takeaways from the workshop weekend were extraordinary, intricate, and profound. The workshop has surely changed my business, but more importantly has changed me as a person. “

– Jessie R.

“I’ve attended several workshops and Alex’s workshop was the perfect blend of teaching and authentic experience – consistent with the brand you’ve created to evoke the beauty and appreciation of motherhood! As a mother and motherhood photographer, you’ve helped shape my perspective of how these two roles can exist seamlessly and realistically, which is such a gift as I have struggled to find balance since having my second baby. Since your workshop I’ve intentionally slowed down and focused on quality and experience rather than volume and I’ve fallen in love with photography all over again. The best part of all was I shot my first roll of film ever alongside you and my gallery was nearly flawless!”

Natalie Y

“Alex is one of my favorite family photographers out there. I had been longing to attend one of Alex’s workshops from the second she announced them! It was refreshing to meet her and find out she is exactly as I thought and what she seems to be. Alex gave me the permission and confirmed my desire to slow down and simplify in an industry that preaches more, better, faster, and volume. I enjoyed it very much!”

– Brianna W

“It’s hard for me to into words what all I came away with from Alex’s workshop weekend in Portland. Really, it was SO wonderful and it’s made such an impact on my life and my business. If someone were to ask me about it, I would probably say something along the lines of:

First, Alex is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. She is exactly who you think she is. She is warm, welcoming, and also happens to be incredibly talented, so it’s not a surprise that I came away from the weekend at Magically Mundane feeling rested, inspired, and ready to push my creativity to the next level. I’m still in touch with many of the women I met in Portland via social media and am constantly inspired by what they are doing in the industry – the community created via Alex’s workshop has been almost as beneficial as the weekend itself, not to mention the amazing photographs I came home with after 3 sessions working with Alex in Portland. Highly recommend!”

– Tara F

“The workshop came at a time when I was wrestling with how to balance jumping back into my business while also continuing to serve my family well. Alex does both of these so incredibly well and makes it look effortless in the process. After learning her heart behind capturing families and motherhood, I was encouraged to photograph what I find beautiful rather than what I hoped would look beautiful in an Instagram grid. So Alex, thank you for helping me find my passion again for creating beautiful images!”


-Cheyenne S

“Alex’s workshop was such an absolute breath of fresh air! Alex’s demeanor is so calming and gentle–yet confident and stoic. For someone like me who comes into family sessions feeling like I need to be exuding an overly excited energy, Alex really taught me to slow down and open my eyes to what really is unfolding before me. And that’s when the MAGIC really happens. When we slow down, see, connect, and feel what is right in front of us, that’s when we can make any mundane moment truly magical.”


– Emma H

“From the very first time I stumbled upon Alex’s feed, her gentle spirit and love for all things motherhood resonated deeply with my own mama heart. Alex’s workshop she led in Charleston absolutely filled my cup and fed my creative spirit. I left feeling inspired to allow more of myself and my own motherhood to reflect into the moments I capture for clients. Even more so, however, it challenged me in my own motherhood journey – to be more present, more intentional, more aware.”


-Kristie L

I left this workshop with more confidence in my film work, practical advice for documenting a family’s story, and even more importantly – perspective on running my business as a mother.

-Caitlyn M

This workshop was hands down the best investment I’ve made in my business. Not only did I grow creatively and learn how to better create the images I desire for mothers, but I also learned that I don’t have to run my business like anyone else’s, and I can define what success looks like for me and my family. I was inspired in so many ways and have taken aspects of what I learned at the workshop into multiple areas of my life. My business has grown in the ways I want it to, I’m more present with my family, and I’m able to focus on what I’m doing and not what everyone says I should be. I also gained such amazing friendships and support! Truly, the workshop has been life changing and I can’t recommend it enough!
– Mallory B.

Investment: $2,350

Two payment options are available… one pay in full option and one payment plan option. Details are noted in the listings for each on the shop page.

Price Includes:

  • Three portfolio building shoots (in home and outdoor)
  • An in depth publication of all information covered
  • A 30 minute 1:1 coaching call before workshop
  • head shots of each attendee taken by me
  • All meals and snacks
  • Unlimited post workshop email contact with any questions you may have!
  • Informative, educational presenations on all matters listed above

Join me!

Space is limited. Email with any questions you have!