Learn how to cultivate a meaningful, profitable, and diversified photography based business, while mothering with intentionality, presence, and peace. 


Why The Mother’s way is different

There are plenty of educational opportunities out there that will teach you to take beautiful photos or grow your business, but none of that matters if we aren’t living our own motherhood with purpose and intention. If we look back 5, 10 or even 20 years from now and realize we were so caught up in the hustle of someone else’s version of success that we let these fleeting years at home with our little ones pass us by without truly soaking them in when we had the chance, that doesn’t really feel like success anymore, does it?

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by your business or your time at home with your family, maybe both. Maybe you are feeling undervalued, or like you aren’t booking your ideal client. Perhaps your nights are filled with editing, while your days are filled with the stress of posting to beat the algorithm, and the anxiety that sits in your stomach as you scroll and compare yourself to other photographers, content creators, and mothers. I’ve been there, and all those years ago, I wish I had known that there was another way… The Mother’s Way.  I figured out how to run a profitable, sustainable business (even after moving across the country!), and to diversify my income streams into other avenues that utilize photography, all while homeschooling four children, gardening, spending my afternoons daydreaming in the sunshine, and living a slow and intentional lifestyle. 

The Mother’s Way is designed to help you grow a lucrative photography or content creation business, create emotive images you and your client will love, all while relishing in your own beautiful motherhood each day by living with purpose, peace, and joy. This 10 month virtual mentorship will teach you how to manage your time to remove overwhelm, charge more and work less, create imagery you are authentically proud of so you can release comparison, attract your ideal client who wants to work with YOU, and to do it all while living your intention soaked days with your children at your feet. The retreat in March 2025 allows you to live all of this with me over three days, including portfolio shoots we will photograph together, teaching, some fun surprises, and brunch on our farm made by yours truly. 

If you’re ready for something more than just another workshop, if you’re ready to grow a profitable photography or content creation business, create timeless images you and your clients will love, all while mothering with intentionality, presence, and peace, then I invite you to apply for The Mother’s Way. 


The Mother’s Way inclusions:

monthly 1:1 calls with each mentee where I can help you navigate your tension points, desires for your motherhood and business, and anything else you’d like to discuss

(we will meet initially for introductions in May 2024, then take June and July off for summer break (but I will still be available to you!) and then reconvene for August, Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, and Feb)

monthly live virtual talks with me on photography, business, and motherhood (PDF’s included each month so you can keep them all! plus you will have all recordings emailed to you)

monthly virtual check-ins with our intimate group

practical homework assignments

unlimited marco polos to me with any questions you may have for the duration of the experience (even during breaks!)

access to all of my online courses and mobile presets

+ the in-person retreat in March with all expenses paid (includes accommodations for two nights at a beautiful lake house), portfolio shoots, brunch on our farm made by yours truly, and some other fun surprises!

The virtual mentoring begins the week of May 6th!

What Alex’s past mentees are saying…

“The Mother’s Way was truly beyond a standard mentorship. It provided community, guidance, and with Alex as a wonderful leader, education in my business. I’ve felt a bit stuck with my session offerings and was able to solidify them well for 2023.  In addition, the balance of motherhood and running a business has been a pain point for me this past year. Through big changes in my life like a move and my third becoming a full blown toddler, The Mother’s Way helped me feel seen and heard. I truly learned wisdom about pushing against societal standards of achievement. With The Mother’s way help, I changed my pace of life and have created boundaries where I needed them. Another area of struggle I was hoping to grow in was seeing my value and worth as an artist. With Alex’s leadership and prayers, I slowly began to shift my doubts to dreams and stopped comparing myself. Thank you for everything, Alex and The Mother’s Way! I’m so glad I met so many awesome fellow photog friends that I can truly write a quick message to anytime I need to dialogue about business or life. What a gift!”

-Megan S.

“When Alex shared about The Mother’s Way and I instantly was drawn to it. I had done a mastermind with her previously and it just felt like the next right thing to do. And it was… Alex is so great at getting to the heart of what you are searching for in a mentor. She is a wonderful encourager who helped me take that shift in my business and feel really good about it. Her view of life, business, motherhood, and faith are so inspiring. Her wealth of knowledge never ceases to amaze me and honestly, I wish I could work with her all year round! Friends, if you feel the tug between a fast-paced, busy work life and the desire to spend your time with your family, this mentorship is a wonderful place to start. You will be a better [mother, business owner, photographer, wife, friend] for it.”

-Lex P.

“The Mother’s Way was  like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It was so much more than a mentorship or a workshop. Our group not only learned how to find balance in business and motherhood: we grew together, cheered each other on, and got vulnerable together. I think the reason it was so special was because Alex created something that touches on the whole person behind our businesses. We aren’t just business owners: we’re mothers, we’re wives, we’re friends, we’re sisters. It all plays a role in the way we show up and serve our clients. This approach was so refreshing and I’m so grateful to have been a part of this experience.

 Thank you x a million, Alex! Love you!”

-Lauren T.

“Alex gave me that guidance and so much more. Instantly, when talking to Alex on the phone, it felt as if I was talking to an old friend. She is warm , kind, compassionate, and so darn real. She is not afraid to speak truth into your life – you need that!! 

Alex encouraged me towards rest and simplicity in my business. She taught me the real meaning of “less is more” in both how I market, and how many clients I take in a year. She will help you through the challenges that you specifically are facing in your business, especially as you wrestle with how motherhood fits into the picture. It does not matter if you have been doing photography for two months or for 20 years – she will have plenty of wisdom to pour out for your situation. 

If you are feeling that endless pull between motherhood and your business, constantly bogged down and strained, then this mentorship and retreat is exactly what you need. 

I love Alex, love her family, love her leadership, and love her work. A true godsend.”

-Evy C.

“This is my second time being mentored by Alex. I joined her Magically Mundane Workshop back in 2019 in Sausalito, California, and I remembered leaving the weekend feeling so inspired and fresh. The workshop changed my view on motherhood photography completely. Over the years, my business has grown and so did our family. With all the changes, I knew I needed a little extra help to navigate what’s coming next, and the first person I thought of is Alex. Six months with The Mother’s Way was a dream. Alex is not your regular “business” mentor. She is your (my) life’s mentor. She has so much wisdom in growing a business alongside building your family, with more focus on the later. As a mother, this is exactly what I’m looking for. Not more “business” tactics, or ways to get more followers, but how to build the business in such a way that serves my family, my client’s family, and my own heart. It’s a JOY. Alex taught me how to find JOY, and how to have faith. With the Mother’s Way, our little group met and chat every month. We shared our wins and struggles. We encouraged each other through the busiest season (aka Fall). We brainstormed ideas, gave support and love. It was so, so wonderful. I’m grateful to be a part of this group of beautiful women for 6 months.”

-Lucy T.

“Being part of The Mother’s Way has been a life changing experience for me – one that is unforgettable and will forever be engraved in my heart. I am not a seasoned photographer, so one of the first questions that obviously came into mind was “is this program right for me and in the season I’m in?” As a mother of two (4 and 2), I wondered whether investing in this program, if I were chosen, would be worthwhile. 

The 6months of 1:1 phone calls and zoom meetings with the other wonderful and talented ladies, and retreat really put all the worries and fear I had away. Instead, I was encouraged and motivated and importantly found myself not feeling alone in starting film, the business aspect, as well as being confident in my priorities, all while navigating through motherhood. 

All this to say, Alex is the sweetest soul to pour into you and answer whatever questions you have, and the other ladies I have had the honor and privilege getting to know during this program came alongside me and were supportive – even to this day! I absolutely love them! And I am so glad I took that leap because I have never felt more confident as a mother and the impact I’m having in my home with my children.”

-Alley G.

“I attended the South Carolina workshop in April of 2021. I loved witnessing Alex teach the art of photography from her soul, interact perfectly and sweetly with her clients, and love on her precious family -all simultaneously. She hosted and served us in all the ways a person could, and with the most joyful heart and spirit.

My takeaways from the workshop weekend were extraordinary, intricate, and profound. The workshop has surely changed my business, but more importantly has changed me as a person. “

– Jessie R.

“Alex is one of my favorite family photographers out there. I had been longing to attend one of Alex’s workshops from the second she announced them! It was refreshing to meet her and find out she is exactly as I thought and what she seems to be. Alex gave me the permission and confirmed my desire to slow down and simplify in an industry that preaches more, better, faster, and volume. I enjoyed it very much!”

– Brianna W

“It’s hard for me to into words what all I came away with from Alex’s workshop weekend in Portland. Really, it was SO wonderful and it’s made such an impact on my life and my business. If someone were to ask me about it, I would probably say something along the lines of:

First, Alex is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. She is exactly who you think she is. She is warm, welcoming, and also happens to be incredibly talented, so it’s not a surprise that I came away from the weekend at Magically Mundane feeling rested, inspired, and ready to push my creativity to the next level. I’m still in touch with many of the women I met in Portland via social media and am constantly inspired by what they are doing in the industry – the community created via Alex’s workshop has been almost as beneficial as the weekend itself, not to mention the amazing photographs I came home with after 3 sessions working with Alex in Portland. Highly recommend!”

– Tara F

“The workshop came at a time when I was wrestling with how to balance jumping back into my business while also continuing to serve my family well. Alex does both of these so incredibly well and makes it look effortless in the process. After learning her heart behind capturing families and motherhood, I was encouraged to photograph what I find beautiful rather than what I hoped would look beautiful in an Instagram grid. So Alex, thank you for helping me find my passion again for creating beautiful images!”


-Cheyenne S

“I’ve attended several workshops and Alex’s workshop was the perfect blend of teaching and authentic experience – consistent with the brand you’ve created to evoke the beauty and appreciation of motherhood! As a mother and motherhood photographer, you’ve helped shape my perspective of how these two roles can exist seamlessly and realistically, which is such a gift as I have struggled to find balance since having my second baby. Since your workshop I’ve intentionally slowed down and focused on quality and experience rather than volume and I’ve fallen in love with photography all over again. The best part of all was I shot my first roll of film ever alongside you and my gallery was nearly flawless!”

Natalie Y

“Alex’s workshop was such an absolute breath of fresh air! Alex’s demeanor is so calming and gentle–yet confident and stoic. For someone like me who comes into family sessions feeling like I need to be exuding an overly excited energy, Alex really taught me to slow down and open my eyes to what really is unfolding before me. And that’s when the MAGIC really happens. When we slow down, see, connect, and feel what is right in front of us, that’s when we can make any mundane moment truly magical.”


– Emma H

“From the very first time I stumbled upon Alex’s feed, her gentle spirit and love for all things motherhood resonated deeply with my own mama heart. Alex’s workshop she led in Charleston absolutely filled my cup and fed my creative spirit. I left feeling inspired to allow more of myself and my own motherhood to reflect into the moments I capture for clients. Even more so, however, it challenged me in my own motherhood journey – to be more present, more intentional, more aware.”


-Kristie L

I left this workshop with more confidence in my film work, practical advice for documenting a family’s story, and even more importantly – perspective on running my business as a mother.

-Caitlyn M

This workshop was hands down the best investment I’ve made in my business. Not only did I grow creatively and learn how to better create the images I desire for mothers, but I also learned that I don’t have to run my business like anyone else’s, and I can define what success looks like for me and my family. I was inspired in so many ways and have taken aspects of what I learned at the workshop into multiple areas of my life. My business has grown in the ways I want it to, I’m more present with my family, and I’m able to focus on what I’m doing and not what everyone says I should be. I also gained such amazing friendships and support! Truly, the workshop has been life changing and I can’t recommend it enough!
– Mallory B.

About Alex

Alex spends her days homeschooling her five children on their farm in South Carolina. Their days are spent in the garden, with the baby doll sheep, milking their cow, playing in the woods and in their creek, and preserving these fleeting seasons of motherhood for herself and others through photographs and words. She has had the honor and joy of photographing countless families worldwide on film, as well as helping hundreds of photographers find their unique voices to create timeless, beautiful imagery, and sustainable, lucrative photography business… all while living with intentionality at home. To God be the Glory for it all!


She helps mothers create meaningful, lucrative photography businesses while living beautiful intentional lives with their families. The two are so artfully intertwined, and when we step into both our creative business, and our motherhood, with grateful hearts and a clear purpose, then we can live every day in abundance.