creating your own Magically Mundane | an ebook


Creating Your Own Magically Mundane is an instructional workbook for mothers on intentional living, finding gratitude, and preserving this season with your little ones, one photograph at a time. Inside this 42 page ebook, I will teach you how to create beautiful quality photographs of your own children, as well as how to get in the picture with them, with an in depth tutorial for both iPhone and digital camera users.

The ebook will cover:

  • setting up the shot
  • how to take the best iPhone images
  • how to shoot your digital camera on manual mode and which digital gear is best
  • how to photograph yourself with your children
  • how to edit both iPhone and digital photos
  • how and where to print your images so that you have the day to day tangible reminders of this precious season

The second part of the ebook is reflective content. Within these pages we will delve into the following topics:

  • how to combat the ruts
  • gratitude trumps all
  • offering grace to ourselves and others
  • living your life on purpose
  • laughing at yourself
  • removing yourself from the comparison game

The topics will flow between my own experiences and sharing my heart with you, to things I’ve learned in the process. Each section will conclude with open ended questions for you to answer in hopes that they will offer you guidance in finding your truest self, and therefore a beautiful acceptance of your own personal journey.